Saturday April 9, 2016 :: Sonja Haynes Stone Center for Black Culture and History :: University of North Carolina


Why activism?

Current events from the last several years have demonstrated the role that activism plays in national narratives. From international protests, like the Occupy Wall Street movement and Black Lives Matter, to regional initiatives, like Moral Mondays, documenting these projects is an important part of communicating the now to future generations.

What is the unconference?

THATCamp Archiving Your Activism is a hands on space for sharing tips, techniques and tools for preserving and sharing records of activism on a small or large scale. It will have small-group, hands-on sessions, THATCamp Archiving Your Activism will workshop technological and practical solutions for the unique problems presented by activist archiving.

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Propose a session! THATCamp is created by the people who attend the conference to make it both informal and practical.